When you’re scaling your business, it’s as easy to get offtrack as it is to become distracted by a shiny object. Just enroll in a program or search for a specific type of course and then watch your Facebook ads get flooded with similar offers.

One of the key mindset strategies when you’re scaling your business is to really focus in on what you need in that moment. Be in the present and work to stay aware of yourself and your needs right now.

Because your mindset is so important when you’re scaling your business.

Here are three more mindset mistakes to avoid when you’re leveling up!

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Not Being Vulnerable

I get it. We’re in these shared spaces where we’re networking, building relationships, finding clients, and learning all in the same place.

Our own coaching programs can sometimes changes from being our safe space, a place where we can get vulnerable and work on the really powerful stuff, to a place where we don’t want our peers to think bad of us or question us if they see us get vulnerable.

But here’s the thing…

That vulnerability? That’s part of your story, and it resonates with people. It’s a super power, not a weakness.

Your potential clients are out there watching and listening to YOU, and they don’t have perfect stories either. Seeing you get vulnerable, being part of your journey, allows them to see their struggles in you.

And if you can persevere, so can they.

Grabbing a New Shiny Object

We’ve all done it.

We’ve launched a new program… to crickets.

Created a workshop series… and gone live to 1 person.

Announced a new service… only to struggle to get it off the ground.

It’s so easy to scrap everything and start over, and while sometimes the things we create just aren’t aligned with our bigger business strategy, most of the time we’re making the decision to scrap something too early.

We do it because getting new things off the ground is hard and because it often seems easier and more fun to go after the shiny new object, but chasing the next shiny thing is a huge distraction.

It’s pulls the focus away from your current goals and puts achieving them at risk.

Losing Sight of the Power of Small Shifts

Stories of big successes are incredibly motivating, but it’s important to remember that those big successes often came from a lot of work over a long period of time.

There is no such thing as overnight success, no matter what the Facebook post says… No one actually made $30k from just one email.

When we’re looking at our own progress, remember not to discount the power of small shifts in your business. I worked with a client who tweaked her offer slightly, changed the price point to better align with her ideal clients (hint: it was higher), and had a $25k launch the following month.

It wasn’t a complete overhaul that resulted in her success.

It was a few small tweaks that were massively powerful.

As you’re working in your business, don’t lose sight of just how powerful the small shifts you make will be. A mountain is much easier to move one bucket of dirt at a time than trying to lift it off the earth.