4 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Grow Your Business in 2020

Woman using social media to grow her business

We’re all in planning mode for 2020, but as we reflect on the great (and not-so-great) moments of 2019 and start goal setting for 2020, it’s good to remind ourselves not to get stuck in planning mode.

It’s so easy to stay in that space where planning is king.

Because planning and goal setting are fun and motivating and comfortable.

But you have to get uncomfortable and start taking action! You need to get moving so that every working second of 2020 is filled with intentional hustle.

Here are 4 actions you can take right now to move the needle on your business and enter a new decade with a bang!

Get Social on Social Media

One of the questions I’m asked often is, “I’m on Instagram all the time. Why isn’t my business’ Instagram growing?”

I often reply and ask, “Are you getting social on Instagram?”

Too often the answer is no! So, let’s make one of your goals for 2020 to stop speaking into the void and put the social back in your social media.

Download my Social Media Checklist to help you focus your energy on the right tasks for your business!

Know what to post on social media to grow your business

Join a 5 Day Instagram Challenge

Challenges are an amazing way to get in gear for the new year!

Super fun and crazy motivating, an Instagram Challenge can help you get hyper-focused on growing your business in a meaningful way on social media.

Instagram challenge to grow your business using Instagram

It just so happens my next challenge is starting soon!

Hop on over here and register now to join in—we’ll be working to score big wins on your Instagram in just 5 days. See you there!

Create an Overall Marketing Plan

If your business is the boat, your marketing strategy is the oars.

A good marketing plan guides you in almost every aspect of your business, from how to connect with potential customers to who to connect with to what content they’ll actually care about.

1-2-3 Marketing Planner for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Marketing Portfolio

Download my 7 page 1-2-3 Marketing Planner to help you get started—invest half an hour into planning and see it pay off again and again this year!

Take a Course to Skyrocket Your Business’ Social Media

Learn how to skyrocket your business’ success on social media with my Create. Connect. Convert. course—it’s the same system I use for my own clients!

Create. Connect. Convert. Marketing Course for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

In this course, I break down everything I do for my own clients plus offer support through the Voxer walkie-talkie app for the entire first month.

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