From Stripper to Multi 6-Figure Entrepreneur

Yup, you read that right.

As a young adult I was an adult entertainer/stripper in Atlanta working nights as a single mom, and I’m not ashamed of it.

I learned a lot about myself during those years. It was a job where I set my schedule, set my prices, and largely managed myself. In fact, working as an adult entertainer is actually a lot like working as an entrepreneur, and I even learned a lot of the basics of marketing and sales in those clubs.

I eventually left to have a life that included a better sleep schedule, college, and kids, but the “be my own boss” bug stayed with me. I craved the flexibility I’d had, so I pursued all my passions.

In everything I’ve ever done, marketing has been at the center of it all.

I spent time working as a marketer, business owner, support manager, copywriter, and freelance writer.

I built and sold businesses, and I’ve had my work featured on online publications like Parenting, Modern Mom, Livestrong, and Scary Mommy.

When my 4th child was born, I officially became a corporate drop-out. I left a position managing a team at Mailchimp after my maternity leave ended, founded my marketing agency, and, a little later, launched my marketing programs to teach other entrepreneurs what I’ve spent the last 10+ years learning.

My goal in telling you all of this is not to brag or give you a rags to riches story. Nothing I’ve done feels incredibly special. I didn’t set out to amass tons of life experience and later teach about it. 

I simply focused on doing the next right thing, following my passions, and learning everything I could along the way… one small step at a time.

This is what makes me and my approach different than so many coaches. I’ve really done it. 

I’ve run the Etsy shops, designed websites, broken those websites, and learned to fix them. One month I’ve worried about bills when a client didn’t renew their contract and the next I’ve sold a business for a comfortable profit.

I actually don’t even like to call myself a coach. At the end of the day, I’m a consultant and a mentor.

I’ve studied marketing fundamentals for years and experimented with what works and what doesn’t. I’m here to share that with you.

Because YOU are amazing and talented and the world needs your gifts.

Are you ready to get started?