Unicorn Dream Clients are elusive and hard to find, right?! That’s what we so often believe, but I say NO. In this episode I’ll talk about exactly how you can find those dream clients and how to become an irresistible force for them.

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Tiffany Barry (00:00):
Welcome to the passion to profit show, where we talk about how to scale your passionate business into a profitable empire. I’m Tiffany Barry, a marketing expert and relationship marketing enthusiast. Join me for 20 minutes or less every week to talk about business, scaling up CEO, mindset, freedom and flexibility for entrepreneurs level up to six and seven figures let’s get started. Dream clients, dream clients are the magical unicorns that exist between time and space, insert gala galactic background music here. Dream clients are as elusive as they are beautiful and ever so rare, or are they, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about this week? Because I think Dr. Dream clients are actually not as rare and not as fabled and hard to find as we sometimes think we, as my, as we sometimes feel like our dream clients are elusive and hard to find, I just don’t believe that’s true.

Tiffany Barry (01:08):
In fact, if you know where to look and if you know what to say, you can find and attract your dream clients at the drop of a hat. And I’m not just saying that, okay. I’m not just pulling that out of my. Okay. Um, I have been, uh, restructuring a lot of things in my business over the last six months. And so in the last month I decided, Hey, you know, um, it’s, it’s time to start taking on some one-on-one clients. In addition to my group coaching program, I really love to get my in somebody’s business. I really find that fulfilling. And I was like, you know what, I’m gonna bring on a few clients. So I spent my week, uh, a few weeks ago, I spent my week looking for clients, looking for unicorn clients, clients that I would just, that would just fill me up right.

Tiffany Barry (02:00):
In one week I booked eight sales calls and closed half of them. Okay. Unicorn clients are out there and I’m at the point in my business, I talk a lot about scaling, right? And, and how to scale and how to scale your income, how to build products that scale. Well, and so I’m at the, the point in my business where I don’t have to take every one-on-one client that comes along. I don’t, I don’t have to work with people that I don’t want to. I get to say no. Right. And, and when we’re early on in our journey, we don’t really say, no, we don’t always have the luxury of saying no, we don’t always feel empowered to say no. Or, you know, financially, we just may not be able to. Right. I, um, am you know, very, very fortunate to be in a place where I can say no, if someone isn’t a unicorn client, I can say no.

Tiffany Barry (02:50):
And I wanna teach you no matter where you are in your business, how to find more of those unicorn clients, more of those clients that really, they check all your boxes, they fill you up. They’re exactly the type of people that you wanna work with so that you can focus more on unicorn clients. And you don’t have to say yes to clients who aren’t a good fit because you know, you’ve got better ones waiting for you. All right. So first let’s define what it actually means to attract your dream clients, because I’m gonna bet that when you hear the phrase, quote, attract, attract your dream client, you are thinking of creating blog posts and social media post and freebies, and setting them loose into the world and then waiting for the magical results to happen. Right? It’s an enticing concept. I would not blame you for feeling that way.

Tiffany Barry (03:46):
And there are a lot of gurus that have been pedaling this idea for years. It’s the idea that you can create something amazing hit that published button and all you, your dreams will come true with none of the problems. Unfortunately, there are thousands of other people who are also doing that exact same thing. So unless you have a giant audience, if you do that, you’re gonna hear crickets instead of creating content, that’s supposed to magically attract people to you. I want you to focus on creating attractive content. And the difference here is significant. See, instead of creating content designed to bring people to you, you are gonna start creating content that will establish you as an amazing expert resource. And then you are gonna bring people to it.

Tiffany Barry (04:44):
This is a total game changer. All right, we’re flipping the idea of what attraction marketing is. Okay? Cuz if you’ve, if you’ve been around for any length of time in my ecosystem, you know, I am not a huge fan of attraction marketing. I don’t believe in today’s world. You can just create things and wait for people to come to you. You need to be running ads to your stuff. You need to be inviting people into your world. You need to be using hashtags and outbound marketing and, and starting relationships. You need to be doing things to bring people to you. So we’re not saying your content can’t be attracting. We’re just gonna say, it’s not a, an attractive force on its own. It needs to be attractive. All right, now, next, we’re gonna talk about finding unicorn clients. We need to know who that dream client is, right?

Tiffany Barry (05:41):
So who the hell is your dream client? Anyway, a dream client epitomizes the person you wanna work with most, they might have a, a specific personality, a type of belief system. They might be single or have children. They might be solopreneurs or work with a team. Um, really, I want you to focus less on the demographics of like married with, you know, two and a half kids and a dog, right? And more on what defines them, um, their values, their beliefs, their buying habits. Um, where do they go to solutions to their problems? Do they go to their friends? Do they go to Pinterest? Um, do they DIY it? How do they act? Right? How do they think whatever criteria gets your juices flowing? That’s your ideal client right now when we’re just starting out in business. A lot of times, you know, you hear a niche down, niche down niche down, and I’m a huge fan of niching down.

Tiffany Barry (06:39):
But in the beginning, nicheing down can actually hurt you. If you don’t already know who you wanna work with, working with a whole variety of people is a fantastic way to figure out exactly who you love to work with and who you never wanna work with again. Right. And that’s really, really important. Um, but as you’re scaling up, you have a better idea of who you wanna work with and who you don’t wanna work with. Okay. That’s who your ideal client is. All right. There are people who you love to work with, but there’s another piece of this. There are people who actually need what you have to offer. Uh, I worked with a client who had an accounting firm and they wanted to sell their course to businesses who were making at least a half a million to a million dollars in revenue. And we sat down for our marketing strategy meeting and I said, okay, I understand that’s who you want to buy this course.
Tiffany Barry (07:33):
But as a business owner, who’s making almost a million dollars. Are they really interested in learning how to do their finances? Probably not. Right. They don’t need that course. They hire for it. They outsource it. They are not interested, or even able to spend time on a course designed to teach them something. Now create a course designed to, you know, cater to the needs of CEOs. Absolutely. But as this, as this client had it laid out, there was a misalignment, right. And y’all know how I feel about alignment. Alignment makes you money. All right. So, so think about those two pieces. Who do you love to work with, but also don’t forget. Who do you love to work with that also actually needs what you do? Because if you don’t, if you don’t create something that there’s an actual need for, it doesn’t matter how great it is.

Tiffany Barry (08:26):
You’re not gonna make money selling it. You’re not gonna sell it. All right. Now, one of the things that my coaching students ask me most often, and this has been for, I think I started the program a couple years ago. So this has been a pretty consistent ask is how specific should my ideal client be? So in my skyrockets, a profit program, I have a whole section devoted to ideal client, um, you know, and a whole section of the workbook that goes with the program, um, to help kind of like worksheet it out. Um, and, um, so you can probably guess what my answer to that question is it needs to be specific. And here’s why I believe you don’t have an end endless number of hours in your day to try to talk to everyone under the sun. You’re busy, you’ve got a life, you’ve got kids.

Tiffany Barry (09:21):
Um, you might be growing your business alongside a full-time job. You got to do. You do not have time to waste it, talking to people who aren’t gonna wanna work with you or who you may not even be able to help. I say that with the caveat that not everybody you talk to should be considered a client. You’re gonna talk to a lot of people when you’re networking that are gonna be collab, partners, um, future business partners, maybe for a side venture, um, really great referral partners, even just part of like a community of people you can talk to and be like, Hey, I’m struggling with this. Have you ever encountered it? What did you do? Right. So not, everybody’s gonna be a revenue generating relationship. Um, but, but you know, the large part of the people that we wanna be talking to are going to, to wanna, we’re gonna wanna fit them in that category.

Tiffany Barry (10:10):
Okay. So you don’t have time to waste. All right. So you need to be getting super focused on who you wanna work with, who you feel moved to help, um, hyper focus on the type of people you want in your audience, right? That way that you you’re inviting the people to sales conversations who have a higher likelihood of actually being those amazing dream clients right now, when you’re thinking about trying to find these. Okay. One thing I want you to think about one question I want you to ask yourself is what is your superpower? Right? So a while ago I was, um, in a Facebook group and someone that I regularly kind of, um, you know, see pop up in this group that I network in, asked a question. I absolutely. All right. And that was that. What is your superpower? All right. It’s a fantastic question.

Tiffany Barry (11:02):
I instantly knew that I wanted to file that away because it so clearly describes exactly what makes someone so unique. So in marketing, we define this as like your unique positioning, right? The thing that sets you apart from a other people, but that’s, that’s not like a marketing lingo is not a language. Everybody speaks. And even if you understand what, you know, cuz you’re an intelligent person, even if you understand what um, unique positioning is or a positioning in the market is right. It doesn’t always elicit some kind of, eh, cohesive, strategic, intentional response, right. But if you ask somebody what’s their superpower, now that gets them going right. When you’re trying to be this amazing, attractive force to your ideal clients, that superpower is what sets you apart. It’s the thing that pulls someone in immediately and has them saying, this is the person for me.

Tiffany Barry (12:02):
You know, one of the reasons why I, um, feel like my clothes rate on sales calls is so high is because I go all in on the vibe. I go all in on the energy. I do not take calls with someone. I wouldn’t be excited to work with, um, anymore. I used to, I do not anymore. And one thing I consistently get complimented on by clients who eventually sign is, I just felt like you were as excited about me being successful as I am. Right. So, so for me, when I get on a sales call, that energy, that excitement, that true, authentic excitement, like I am genuinely like psyched about implementing this marketing strategy. That’s a superpower. Right? So think about what is yours and then take it a step further and ask, what is your message, okay. Finding and attracting your dream. Clients has a lot to do with your messaging, but what exactly is that?

Tiffany Barry (13:06):
Right? Uh, we could say we could talk messaging all day and some people would still be like, but I don’t know what it is. Right. Because it it’s vague. And I don’t blame you if you don’t really know what your messaging is, but it’s essentially how you speak to your ideal clients and why, what you say connects with them. Now we’re talking about finding and signing more dream clients. Right? So your message is how you connect with them. All right. So, and it should do a few things, right? One, it should absolutely grab your audience’s attention. It should stop the scroll. All right. Next. It should tell them what problem you actually solve. You have no idea how many people I see on my Instagram feed on my LinkedIn, on my Facebook where it’s like, oh, you always post the most motivational stuff. And I love seeing your post.

Tiffany Barry (14:02):
I have no idea what you do. Absolutely. So I can’t refer you to people. I can’t describe what you do to people. I can’t even decide if you could help me, cuz I don’t really know what you do. Right? So your messaging should grab your audience’s attention. It should resonate them with them, but it should also tell them what problem you actually solve. It should tell them what you do. All right. It should also tell stories. It should tell stories about the transformation that they can expect from you or your product or your service, your coaching program. Tell stories about clients, about client experiences, about struggles. Um, tell stories about what the relationship working with you looks like, all right. And share your superpower with them. Okay. Because all of this finding and attracting, you know, like I said, I don’t believe in, you know, if you build it, they will come kind of marketing.

Tiffany Barry (15:01):
Right. I don’t believe in, at attraction marketing like that. I believe that your content is an attractive force and we have to go out and people in front of it. Okay. Whether that’s organically or paid the honestly, you know, I’ve, I’ve probably said this before on this podcast, any strategy will work. Any strategy that aligns with your business and your audience will work if you work it consistently. All right. So it doesn’t matter if you’re doing paid ads. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing organic. I, you think both together is a winning combination. Um, but, but it’s all about getting in front of people and networking and building relationships and using social media to get social. I know crazy. Right? So, so as you’re going about your networking, keep these things in mind because those are the things that are, are key to finding those unicorn clients.

Tiffany Barry (15:58):
It’s not about some guru’s newfangled. Um, I sound like a grandma. It’s it’s not about some, some crazy new method, right? That’s that’s not, what’s gonna work. All right. And, and I’ve dug into, I actually sent an email about this earlier this week. I’ve dug into a lot of these so-called gurus, their strategies. It’s, you know, it’s taking marketing concepts that we’ve known worked for for years and repackaging them into something else. And calling it is something different, a very, very big, well known coach who I, I genuinely love what she does and a lot of her messaging. Um, but she created this whole, you know, new marketing system that is all about, um, you know, basically like marketing from the heart and being very purposeful and intentional slap to name on it and you know, wrote a book and built out a whole course for it.

Tiffany Barry (16:57):
But the, the fundamental thing is the same. It’s, it’s human connection. It’s being purposeful. It’s being intentional. It’s marketing with ethics and integrity. It’s wanting to genuinely help people through marketing crazy. Right. But, so that’s the thing like there, isn’t this secret that you’re missing to finding these unicorn clients. It’s really, really, you know, I know it’s, it’s hard to, to feel like this is true, but it’s really very, you know, simple and not easy, but simple. It’s about creating a content that is attractive, that resonates with your audience. That shows how you can solve problems and, and transform their lives. It’s talking to the right people in the right way. It’s really showcasing your superpower. It’s honing in your messaging so that it, you are saying as little as possible with as much oomph as possible, as much impact as possible. Okay. That is how you get dream clients.

Tiffany Barry (18:02):
That’s how you build your name. That’s how you become an expert. That’s how you build all this authority. It’s speaking to those needs. And speaking to the transformation that people want, right. Leaning into what’s magical about you leaning into your magic is what helps you find clients who are magic to work with. That’s it for the, this episode of passion to profit. If you found it helpful, insightful, or just entertaining subscribe, wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. And if you’re ready to scale your business from passion to six figure profits, don’t forget to watch the free masterclass at tiffanyebarry.com/masterclass.