In today’s episode, I’m sharing what my goals are for this year and checking in on my progress—here’s what I’m working on this year to honor myself as an entrepreneur and a mother.

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Tiffany Barry (00:00):
Welcome to the passion to profit show, where we talk about how to scale your passionate business into a profitable empire. I’m Tiffany Barry, a marketing expert and relationship marketing enthusiast. Join me for 20 minutes or less every week to talk about business, scaling up CEO, mindset, freedom and flexibility for entrepreneurs level up to six and seven figures. Let’s get started.

Tiffany Barry (00:26):
Welcome to this week’s episode of the passion to profit marketing show. This week, we’re checking in on 2022 goals because it is the end of February. And I wanna actually share what I am doing for this and just check in with myself on how things are going and I encourage you to do so as you listen, along with me this week. So in shorts, my goals specifically around my business, my personal growth, my development, my client, getting goals for 2022 were to work in alignment with myself, uh, be more disciplined as a person be consistent. Um, you know, because I am a consistent person when I am managing my mindset and my anxiety and, you know, my tendency towards procrastination and making sure my systems are in line. Right. Um, so, so making sure that I’m, I’m being consistent about self care in my mindset is really important for me.

Tiffany Barry (01:25):
I also had some goals around building in time for rest and self care in advance because like so many entrepreneurs, I am a borderline workaholic. And, and so what ends up happening is I put so much on like when I’m feeling great and excited and motivated. And then on the days when I feel like I need to slow down, I haven’t built that padding in for myself. So those were my goals for this year. And, and I set those goals because I really wanted to honor myself as an entrepreneur. I wanted to honor myself as a mother and I wanted to do things a little bit differently. I am very anti hustle culture, and I realized that I wasn’t running my business. That in a way that aligned with that very well. And I went through some major burnout last year and, and I’ve spent the last few, uh, weeks, the first few weeks of this year, speaking to countless entrepreneur women, many who are bombs like me about what their businesses will look like this year.

Tiffany Barry (02:39):
And more than anything, the women that I spoke to were seeking balance. They were seeking more time with their families, having less on their plate, having more flexibility and, and having the freedom that they set out to create when they started their business. Okay. These are all women who are leading agency teams like me running multi six, figure businesses, um, coaching hundreds of women. They are highly ambitious and outwardly, very successful women. And one thing as we all were talking together, and as I was having these with women who were just like me, is I found we were all seeking the same thing we’re seeking to, to achieve these things, to, to achieve a break from the endless pursuance of ambition and step back into less, without sacrificing our income, right? Less hustle, less overwhelm, less hours, less sacrifice all while still holding that call to abundance in our hearts.

Tiffany Barry (03:47):
And these conversations that I was having over the beginning of this year just kept reinforcing why the goals that I set for myself were so important for me. And they got me thinking more, more about my relationship to whole hustle culture and, um, you know, how I’ve written about my abhorrent of it. And, and I frequently complain about its prevalence on social media, especially for women who are already feeling the brunt of, you know, damned if you do damned, if you don’t, everything’s on your shoulders, you have, you, you can’t let any of the balls drop out of the air, or you’re a horrible mother, a horrible professional or a horrible person, whatever. But, but even knowing how I feel about it, I’ll admit that I have not completely divorced myself from its influence. So my goal this year, as I sat with myself, as I sat with the words of the women that I was talking to, I really wanted to focus on what I really wanted and what I wanted to step into this year.

Tiffany Barry (04:55):
You know, asking myself questions, like how would I honor myself as an entrepreneur? How would I honor myself as a mother? And I realized that I needed to set goals that were honoring myself, I needed to set goals. That would help me become the woman that I wanted to be, uh, create from my heart really, and kind of shift my thoughts instead of looking at my to-do list, cuz that’s my, I am the ultimate doer, right? I will 100% look to, you know, if I want change, I will look to what do I need to do differently in my, to do list? What does my task list need to be? What does my project management system say? I need to be focusing on this week. Right? Um, it’s a little harder for me as, as self aware, as I find, I tend to be for things like mental health and, and self care when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Tiffany Barry (06:00):
Uh, I found that that’s, that’s not how I am by default and it takes me more work to look inward. And so if I wanted to create this, these goals around, you know, um, what kind of life I wanted to have this year and what I wanted in my, in my business, I needed to, to become the woman that I wanted to be. I needed to shift my thoughts and my actions instead of my to-do list. And the biggest thing for me in pursuance of these goals has been not really allowing myself to put up with the excuses that I have allowed myself to use to resist change, like calling myself inconsistent. I’m not inconsistent. I’m incredibly consistent. I meet deadlines. Um, I, I over deliver. I am, um, you know, present and I show up where I am inconsistent is really not a problem with consistency.

Tiffany Barry (07:03):
It’s with anxiety management. I have a lot of anxiety around people thinking, being mad at me or do like I’m doing something wrong. And so if I see I have an unread email in my inbox, I’ll avoid it. If I see I have a slack message waiting for me, I’ll avoid it, right. Because my default is, oh my God, what if they’re mad at me? And so what I have have had to do by, by instead of shifting my to-do list by shifting my thoughts is if I want to, to express my, my relationship with my clients, if I wanna express my relationship with my coaching students and, and show the love and support that I have inside of me, what do I need to be doing to manage that anxiety that, that makes it look like I’m not consistent, right? And it starts with looking inward and not allow myself to say something untrue.

Tiffany Barry (08:01):
Like I’m inconsistent because I’m not what I am is a person who struggles with anxiety and self worth. And, and those things can get in the way and they can create these barriers. Right? So looking inward at who do I, I wanna be and what do, what do my thoughts need to be? What do my actions need to be? Right? What, what are my beliefs? Am I, am I believing that I’m good enough that I’m worth it without any external factors? Right. Am I allowing myself to be the woman of my word that I know I am by letting these, these barriers, you know, like, cause chaos know, do I need to manage that? Absolutely. So that’s been my goals, right? Finish what I start, stick to my word, you know? And, and these are core values that I have. And so for me, it’s less about saying, okay, you have to be a woman of your word.

Tiffany Barry (09:03):
You are for me, it’s what gets in your way. You know, if you are dealing with some anxiety and some mindset issues, how can we work through that? So it doesn’t become a problem in between you and clients or you and students. Um, now that isn’t historically something I’ve had a problem with, I’ve been, um, lucky to have, uh, you know, and I worked really hard to scale my business up and I hired on help to kind of keep all the gears moving. Um, you know, even when, when I personally wasn’t handling it, but this year I had kind of scaled back my business. I didn’t want such a huge team anymore. Um, it was, um, really payroll heavy. So, you know, it was a lot of expenses to manage. It was, um, I was doing more people management than actually working with clients or coaching students and that wasn’t as fulfilling.

Tiffany Barry (09:54):
I, I just don’t enjoy it. So, you know, I’ve done a little bit of structural changes in pursuance of these goals that I’m working on, but because of that, some of the lifelines and, and like life saving things that I’ve had to depend on, I don’t have anymore, which is actually a good thing, cuz I’ve had to, um, you know, like actually work on some of those mindset issues and self worth, um, and, and make those structural business changes, um, that will work with my needs and those of my family. So I can focus on things like balance and happiness and, um, fulfillment and you know, my schedule instead of just kind of blind ambition, right? So for me, I wanted to take this time to talk through some of my goals and why, um, maybe you’re feeling that way. Maybe you’re feeling like you wanna work in alignment this year.

Tiffany Barry (10:49):
You wanna be more disciplined. You wanna be more consistent, you wanna build in time for rest and self care. So those are the, the things that I’m working on. Um, if that resonates with you, I would love to have a conversation hit me up on, on Instagram. I’m @tiffanyebarry, over Instagram. I would love to have a conversation about how you are feeling about your goals. So that’s what I’m focusing on. I’m focusing on those big things and that’s kind of why I want to honor my self. I wanna honor myself as an entrepreneur. I wanna honor myself as a mother balancing it all. Um, you know, focusing on that balance, focusing on being who I want to be and embodying the, the, the values of my business in a much more, um, comprehensive of holistic way. Um, you know, and so I, I, I would love to pass that question onto you.

Tiffany Barry (11:44):
How are you holding space for yourself this year? I know that this podcast episode is a little bit of a departure from kind of the, the how to teaching that I normally do, but I think it’s important to create space for these conversations. Um, you know, especially when, when, when we’re in, when I’m talking about marketing and storytelling and being authentic, um, to, you know, who you are and your journey and sharing that and getting vulnerable, those conversations are so, so important. And so, you know, I’m, I’m creating space for that conversation here. Um, I encourage you to create space for that in your, in your spaces as well. You know, think about how, how you wanna go through this year. Did you set goals for yourself? Did you create, um, you know, a vision board that you are looking to achieve this year? Did you, you know, what did you do in the beginning of the year to create, to set that intention for this year?

Tiffany Barry (12:44):
And, and how is it going so far, right? How are you honoring all the parts of you that make you and your life amazing? So that that’s all for this episode. It’s, it’s I, like I said, it’s a departure from what I normally do, but I think it’s important one to share what I’m focusing on to share a little bit about my journey and, and what I’m doing this at this point in the year. Um, because you know, it, it ties so closely to my, my story and my approach to marketing. And so I want, I want you to think about that too. How are you honoring yourself this year? How are you going through this year with, with it? What intentions are you going through this year with? And, and how’s it going so far? It, for this episode of passion to profit, if you found it helpful, insightful, or just entertaining subscribe, wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. And if you’re ready to scale your business from passion to six figure profits, don’t forget to watch the free masterclass tiffanyebarry.com/masterclass.