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Tiffany Barry (00:00):
Marketing is an investment, not an expense, and we want our investments to pay off. So when you’re growing your business, you wanna focus on those activities that are gonna pay off the most, like generate more revenue and allow you to reach and help more people. But there are marketing tactics that have become really popular, even though they actually aren’t helping you do either. One of those things, welcome to the passion of profit marketing podcast, where we talk about how women like you can scale your passionate business into a profitable empire that’s aligned and intentional. I’m Tiffany Berry, a marketing consultant and agency owner, helping creative entrepreneurs use modern marketing. That’s simple and actually feels good to reach their next level of success. Join me for 20 minutes or less to talk about how to market and scale your business. So you can become the free and flexible CEO who started your business to be let’s get started.
Tiffany Barry (00:57):
There are an endless number of articles on the internet, sharing an equally endless number of marketing tactics that you can use to grow your business. But just because an idea exists, doesn’t make it a good one. When you’re growing your business, you wanna focus on the activities that are gonna pay off big, right? Like generate more revenue and allow you to help more people and get in front of them. But unfortunately there are a lot of marketing tactics that have become popular and they’re probably not making you money. They’re definitely not doing it in any meaningful way. And they’re probably not even really getting you in front of more people in a, a way that’s going to convert or help them in a meaningful way. So let’s talk about those five kind of most popular things. The five that I see floating around the most, right?
Tiffany Barry (01:50):
Number one, creating content that doesn’t ever sell. So I see a ton of right now, a ton of dialogue in the online space about pain point marketing and how people are so sick of pain point marketing. And I agree when you have marketing and sales copy, that really is trying to drive home how miserable you are and that’s why you need their thing. That’s not good, but I think there’s this idea that pain point marketing is even mentioning pain points. And that’s the thing you want to have both in your marketing, in your content, whether it’s an ad, a blog post, a podcast episode, you wanna have, you know, content where you’re talking about some of the frustrations that people feel, but you’re also talking about the things that they want, the things they dream about their goals, because you don’t want it to just be about how miserable somebody is because not everybody is miserable.
Tiffany Barry (02:49):
We, we kind of wanna have that balance between creating content that meets people where they are when they are frustrating, when they are frustrated and creating content that helps them prevent that, you know, like helps them keep from feeling that pain to begin with. All right. And, and I think that on that note, I, we all can agree that overly promotional content just feels icky and spammy. Right? I don’t think that there’s that there’s anything great that comes out of that type of marketing. Right. But I think that sometimes the temptation to steer away from pain points, the temptation to take salesy feeling content completely out of the equation is, is really alluring when it makes you feel uncomfortable when to talk that way. And so there’s this idea that you should never talk about pain points that you should never sell in your content.
Tiffany Barry (03:52):
But if you are putting all of your time and your effort into creating content that nurtures your audience, and you never directly ask them to take the next step with, with you, then you’re not marketing effectively. And you know, I feel like it’s, you’re abandoning, abandoning your audience in the middle of your funnel. You’re leaving money on the table for yourself, but you’re creating you’re creating this, this kind of cycle where you’re helping people a little bit, but you’re not being the leader. You’re not guiding them to the next step. And some people need that they’re coming into your space with either a dream or a problem. And it’s your job to, to grab them by the hand and say, Hey, I got you, let’s go this way. And you wanna do it in a way that feels just like that. It feels great, right?
Tiffany Barry (04:49):
If you’re creating content that doesn’t align with that, that doesn’t align with what your target audience wants or needs, you’re wasting your time. So before you sit down and write that next blog post or re record your next podcast episode, take some time to research what topics will be most helpful and interesting to your ideal customer, right? And then give them that next step to take, to work with you, ask for the sale, earn it. Yes. Right. But ask for them to take that next step with you. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that they know what to do next. They’re not the expert you are. Now. The second thing that I see you know, happening a lot when it comes to marketing tactics and, you know, marketing tactics that are touted as a way to, you know, earn your next 10 K month and scale your business to six figures is to kind of live in launch mode, right?
Tiffany Barry (05:51):
You live in launch mode and you never really shift into nurture mode. So you end up spending tons of time on launch emails, but you’re not nurturing your audience along the way. And that is just a surefire way to waste your time. And frankly, stay broke. I see so many entrepreneurs spending hours and hours writing the perfect series of launch emails, but once your email subscribers receive those emails, what’s happening next. Because if you never take the time to nurture that audience and build a relationship with them, then you’re going to have a hard time selling them anything. And even if you do manage to sell them something, it’s likely gonna be a one time transaction. So I saw this post on TikTok recently, where someone was talking about, you know, I hate when people try to become my friend only to sell me something.
Tiffany Barry (06:47):
And, and they proceeded to talk about things like marketing and sales and social selling and blah, blah, blah. And, and how, like, it’s just, it’s gross attraction, marketing and manifesting is the way. And while, you know, I will save my feelings on those for another episode of this podcast. I think that is a fundamental misunderstanding of the, the people who are doing this have. And unfortunately, then you end up with people like this woman on the receiving end, who are like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is awful. This is, this sucks. And, and it’s actually how those tactics are being applied. You’re not trying to make friends building a relationship does not mean you have to make friends with somebody. It means building rapport. It means that you’re finding things you have in common. You are investing in getting to know somebody because you want to have a business relationship.
Tiffany Barry (07:47):
If you are trying to be buddy, buddy besties with people, just so that you can have the opportunity to pitch them later, if you’re doing it wrong, you don’t have to have, and you probably shouldn’t have that besty relationship or try to, to create that inauthentic relationship. I have spent time, spend time building relationships, getting to know people, learning a little bit about what’s happening in their world. And then my next step is how can I start investing in their dreams? I have an events highlight on my Instagram where I will, you know, do repost of people’s events that, you know, maybe they’re clients that I wanna work with, maybe their clients I’m currently working with. Maybe there is somebody in my network. But I’m sharing that, that opportunity, their free workshop or their, their downloadable or something that’s going on in my, to my audience.
Tiffany Barry (08:41):
I also do newsletter roundups where I will send these kind of things to, you know, if it, if I think it would be helpful to my audience and it would be relevant to them, I’ll send it out in the compilation. Right. you know, I’m doing that because I wanna look good to my audience. Right. And I want to look good to the people that I am and want to work with. I’m not creating this sense of fake bestie mode, right. I’m genuinely saying, Hey, I, I wanna get to know what’s happening in your world. Yeah. I’d love to work with you one day, but but until I’ve earned that right until we have the relationship to do that, I wanna invest in you. That doesn’t mean I need to ask the li their life story. I don’t need to ask, you know, Hey, how did, how did your, your son do at preschool today?
Tiffany Barry (09:36):
You know, like we don’t have to get to that level because when you do that with the intention to just pitch somebody, it doesn’t feel good, right. It doesn’t feel good at all, but building the relationship is all about building rapport, getting to know somebody investing in their dreams, investing in, helping them, even when maybe they have no intention of ever hiring you. And that’s fine. The inauthentic relationship building I think is, is what we, what we feel that distaste for. So anyway, back on track back on track. So we’re talking about launch mode, right. Building relationships, and that’s kind of how I got on that big tangent, right? So I appreciate you staying with me for that. But the thing is, is, is if you are so focused on that launch mode, and you’re not doing the relationship building, you’re not doing the investing, you’re not creating rapport, then you’re always gonna stay in that launch mode.
Tiffany Barry (10:39):
And you’re never gonna shift into nurturing. So your marketing efforts are never going to shift, alright, your, your marketing efforts are not going to significantly help you generate more revenue. It takes far more time and energy and money and, and all the things to constantly convert a new audience. If you’ve, if you’re leaving the audience that you’ve took all this time to build in the dust, right. And, and you know, it at the bottom line, you’re not helping people, you’re not generating revenue. All right. And there are, there are going to be quite a few people who are left in that audience that still need your help. And, you know, to me, it kind of feels like a little bit of like a betrayal of trust when I sign up for something. And then, you know, like all I get are sales emails.
Tiffany Barry (11:31):
I actually followed an entrepreneur early on in my journey. And in fact, I’m still on her list. I still get the emails. I always forget to subscribe because I only ever get emails. Now, when she’s launching something, you know, I’ll get nothing, nothing, nothing. And then suddenly I’m bombarded by all these sales emails, Facebook ads promoted Instagram posts. And when her marketing campaign is over, we slip quietly into radio silence until the next launch. And it just, it’s not a great feeling for my end, because I don’t feel like she cares at all about the business. In fact I actually ended up out of curiosity. I was like, Hey, she’s got some templates for sale. I’ll buy the templates. That’ll save me some time. Right. I’m always looking at, you know, ways that I can cut some corners without cutting quality ways that I can save myself some time, if I can grab a template, that’ll do something for me instead of having to you know, spend the time to do it.
Tiffany Barry (12:27):
Yeah, sure. And it was garbage. It was, it was garbage. Like it was, I could have Googled it and, and, you know, found something that did better than the, the quote template was basically a bullet point list of like six things. You know, it wasn’t an actual template. Not like I was expecting, not that, that was kind of touted. And so, so my feeling in that scenario was correct. I, I don’t feel like this, this person cares about their audience because they don’t care about how relevant this, this product was. And so it’s not even, it’s, it’s more than just not a good feeling. It’s also not a great move from a business sense either. Because now if this entrepreneur launches a program that may be geared more towards where I’m at in my business now, I definitely won’t invest because I don’t have any confidence at all in this person.
Tiffany Barry (13:27):
Now, the third popular marketing tactic that I see talked about a lot is to just post consistently on social media. But while social media can be a great way to connect with potential customers and definitely grow your business it’s only really going to be going to work for you if you’re using it correctly. All right. If you’re posting on social media without a clear strategy, if you’re posting haphazardly you know, like you’re not gonna see the results that you want because there is no rhyme or reason to it, you know? And, and, and I’ve totally been guilty of that. You know, I’ve been in between offers before and I’ve kind of posted just to stay up in the feed or to make sure content is going out. You know, and, and so, like, we all have periods where maybe we’re not totally in alignment because we’re between offers or we’re still maybe, you know, feeling things out.
Tiffany Barry (14:29):
Maybe you’re experimenting with a bunch of different content or different calls to action to see what’s gonna work. Right. But if you take some time, maybe do some experiments, but really sit down and develop a social media strategy that includes defined goals, your target audience, and your marketing objectives. Once you have that plan in place, you can start creating content that then aligns with your goals and you can start to see real results. Okay. now the, the fourth kind of tactic that I see actually told to a lot of entrepreneurs is to create these really long captivating Facebook group posts. They’re almost like blog posts in a in a social media post. And then they get shared to all the Facebook groups. So some people will copy the same, the same content and the same image across all groups, which is kind of taking this practice to like the next worst level.
Tiffany Barry (15:31):
Because if people like me are in multiple groups, we see on our activity feed, you know, so, and so posted this with this image here, here, here, here, and here. So it literally just looks like a copy paste job. Like you don’t care at all about the quality of, of the relationships in that group or how you’re, how you’re contributing to the group. You just wanna get out there. You know, it doesn’t feel great. And, and not to mention these long winded blog posts in a Facebook post are just not effective, right? Because not many people care about you enough yet to spend five to 10 minutes, reading a gigantic blog post shared in a random Facebook group. And that’s a hard truth, but it’s true. Most of the people that I see who end up commenting on those are either friends or people in the network that I see are already friends.
Tiffany Barry (16:27):
You know, I, I know the names. I know they’re often talking to each other. They’re either like direct supporters or they’re people who are networking with their own self-interest in mind. Okay. Now I’m not saying this has to be, you know, selfish or greedy or, or any of those negative things. It’s just not effective for the result you want to get. Right? You want to demonstrate your expertise. You want to, to be authentic, you wanna share your stories and you wanna create opportunities for relationships and networking, right. But this is not the way to do it. You’re, you’re not gonna reach the people who need you most. So instead, if you wanna share a post, I would make sure it’s a little shorter, sweet, you know, short and sweet to the point you know, a few paragraphs at most if you’re gonna post it in a Facebook group or really any other social media platform, make sure it’s relevant to the people in that group.
Tiffany Barry (17:27):
You know, customize it, tailor it to that group. And maybe some of the topics that you’ve seen being discussed recently. You know, and I always recommend following the ADA framework. So that’s, you know, attract interest desire or decision, and then action. Right. and that’s really just a framework for grabbing people’s attention, sharing content. That’s engaging using persuasive language to speak to your target audience and then asking them to do a thing. That’s the call to action right now, the last and probably the biggest marketing tactic that I see touted as, you know, it’s an ever changing beast. , it’s, it’s this you know, everyone should be in clubhouse and then everyone should be on TikTok. And then, you know, if you wanna go viral on TikTok seven, second video is what you need to do. And if you want your reels to take off, this is what you need to do.
Tiffany Barry (18:28):
It’s, it’s chasing the latest and greatest marketing trends. All right. That’s kind of like, I save the best for last with this one. so, so the thing is, is if you’re always listening there, there’s a difference between listening to shifts in the market like how video marketing is really growing and becoming popular. You know, that that is fine, like adjusting your marketing strategy to, to accommodate for those is fine, but when you’re constantly chasing the latest social media trends if you’re busy trying to, you know, hack the Instagram or the TikTok algorithm, instead of focusing on more authentic marketing strategies that are actually gonna work for your business. Well, you can probably guess what I’m gonna say. , it’s definitely not a tactic that’s making you money. You know, I think chasing marketing trends is just a huge time suck.
Tiffany Barry (19:25):
It’s not an effective use of your marketing efforts. And instead of chasing them, you know, you would be better served by focusing on building a strong foundation with your marketing strategies that are tried and true, you know, and once you have that solid foundation in place, then you can start testing out new marketing tactics to see what’s gonna work for your business. You can try out TikTok, you can try out clubhouse because you have that solid foundation, you’ve got your customer journey mapped out. You know, what your offer is, you know, it’s really tuned in to your ideal clients, but if you constantly are getting caught up in the latest marketing fed, it’s probably not gonna be worth your time and worse. It’s going to tank any semblance of a marketing strategy and the powerful effects that you’re going to get by really defining that marketing strategy and staying tuned into it.
Tiffany Barry (20:26):
So these five kind of common marketing tactics, these, I would say are probably the biggest the biggest issues when it comes to online marketing and getting in front of people, helping more people and general rev generating revenue. So if you are going to really start taking your marketing seriously, and I absolutely think you should, if you were going to step into that, these are five things that I would make sure you’re steering clear of, and really focusing on the strategy that’s gonna align with you. That’s gonna be, you know, aligned to your ideal clients and that’s going to be something that feels good. So you actually stick with it and see results. That’s it. For this episode of the passion to profit marketing podcast, if you found it insightful or entertaining, please subscribe and leave a review wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. And if you’re ready to scale your business with a marketing strategy, that’s aligned and intentional. Download my free scale with passion guide at scalewithpassion.com. I hope you have a week filled with passion and profit, and I’ll see you next time.