Are you constantly reworking your logo and brand colors? If so, you’re not alone – many entrepreneurs find themselves fixated on their branding. But branding is more than just visuals! Join me as I talk with Kelli of Ame Creatives about how to use branding to clarify your messaging, build authority, and increase conversions.

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Tiffany Barry (00:00):
Let’s be honest. How many times have you second guessed or redone your logo or fixated on your brand colors? I’m betting, you’re like so many entrepreneurs asking too many times, right. But branding is so much bigger than that. So join me this week. As I talk with Kelli of am creatives on how branding and rebranding clarifies your messaging, builds your authority and increases your conversions. Welcome to the passion of profit marketing podcast, where we talk about how women like you can scale your passionate business into a profitable empire that’s aligned and intentional. I’m Tiffany Barry, a marketing consultant and agency owner, helping creative entrepreneurs use modern marketing. That’s simple and actually feels good to reach their next level of success. Join me for 20 minutes or less to talk about how to market and scale your business. So you can become the free and flexible CEO you started your business to be let’s get started.
Tiffany Barry (00:58):
Thank you so much for coming on to the passion of profit marketing podcast. Um, I am so excited to have you, um, today we have Kelli from AME creatives, um, and she is coming to us as a brand and web design expert. And one thing that we were just talking about is just how prevalent this idea that branding is just logos and colors. Um, so we wanna kind of, um, disrupt that a little bit, disrupt that thought and challenge you to think about branding in a different way. Um, so Kelli, I would love to, you know, give you, give you the floor and have you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about how you approach, um, branding as a, as an expert.
Kelli (01:41):
Yeah. Thank you so much for having me here. I really appreciate you, Tiffany. Um, so hello everyone. My name is Kelli. I’m the owner and creator of Ame Creative. Um, I specialize in crafting soulful high converting brand and web designs for female entrepreneurs who have established themselves in their business. And now they’ve reached a point where they’re really looking to reach that next level within their business and are looking for their brand to really position them in that, in that, towards those next level goals. Um, and so I specialize more on the rebrand side and with really being able to take what they have been currently doing in their business, look at their goals and help identify where the gaps are that are preventing them from getting to that next level. Um, and so through my, through my, you know, perspective, when it comes to branding, it’s really about not just the colors, not just, you know, the, the fonts and the color and the logos, but really how you can apply your goals towards a strategy. That’s really gonna connect with your audience and connect with the next level goals that you have. I love that.
Tiffany Barry (02:46):
I love that. And I think that’s a really good point to bring up too, is like you, we often DIY, um, especially with our branding when we’re getting started and it works well for those initial stages. Mm-hmm , and, and it really becomes a point in your business journey where what got you to this point is not, what’s going to get you to the next level. So when somebody is looking at their website, they’re looking at their, maybe their messaging, um, you know, and they’re saying something isn’t clicking, what are some of those, those signs, maybe some of those pain points, those symptoms that they’re gonna start to see to kind of allow them to know, okay. Now is the time to rebrand to kind of invest in an expert or, or really start to do this a little more intentionally.
Kelli (03:30):
Yeah. So that’s funny that you asked that because yesterday I posted a stories like, um, two truths in lie of like, which of these do you think is, you know, the truth and which one do you think is a lie? And one of the things that I had put on there was when you feel disconnected from your branding, more than likely your audience feels that too. And you can feel that when you’re reading through your copy on your website and you’re like, this doesn’t really align with like who I am today. Especially if you started out a lot of times we start out, like I wanna serve everyone. And right. Um, then we like start to niche down of like what it is we really like and who we really wanna work with. And we’re not speaking to that person anymore. We’re not speaking to that one specific person that we’re trying to attract.
Kelli (04:10):
And so when we’re reading through our copy or we’re looking at our website, it just doesn’t serve us anymore on like where we’re trying to go. And so copy is the one of the biggest things. Um, but also that journey that you’re taking your audience on, on your site is, is so important because while it’s not connected necessarily to messaging it, it is a journey that you want to help your audience get through of knowing, okay, I’m here, then how do I get to the next stage? And then the next stage, without it being super complicated. Right? And that’s one of the things that can really hold you back too. Um, and with messaging, you know, it’s, it’s so much more than just, you know, how you’re gonna speak to someone, but also, you know, we just talked about that. It’s about how you’re going to convey that through, um, your copy on your website, how you’re going to be able to carry that on social media to keep that same cohesiveness. And so it’s about having this entire strategy. That’s gonna work well for your entire brand.
Tiffany Barry (05:06):
Right? Right. And it, it, you know, I, you talk a lot too about connecting the, the branding with the journey. And I think that’s such an important piece because you know, your, your potential clients are coming to you and expecting you to lead them through this process. Like they don’t know what the finish line necessarily looks like. They know where they wanna go. Mm-hmm , but, you know, so they know that when they cross that line, they know what life is gonna feel like on the other side, what life is gonna look like, but they have no idea what the track looks like. They have no idea where the finish line is gonna be. They don’t know what it looks like. And so, you know, your messaging really has the ability to, to lead them on that journey. Um, and I think that’s such a good point because that really plays into your authority.
Tiffany Barry (05:55):
And I think your brand authority is something again that we don’t really think of when we think of branding. Um, but like, that’s the thing that, that gets people to not just like you, but love you enough to follow you and to work with you. And then to later become an evangelist client who talks about you to everybody that they know. Yes. And like, that’s our ideal, right? Mm-hmm so, so when you’re working with, with someone or you’re, you know, like teaching somebody about branding or working with them as a client, like, how do you kind of connect that, um, that, those pieces of that journey with branding, like, what does that, what does that authority building side look like?
Kelli (06:38):
Yeah. So the first thing that I do before I even go into designing is we hop on a strategy call. Um, obviously there’s prework that my clients do before we even hop on the call so that I can really understand some of the things around their brand, where they’re at now, where they feel like they’re struggling, where they feel, you know, they can really need some additional support. And so when we hop on the call, that strategy session is so key because it’s mapping out, not just what your brand looks like now, what your goals are right now, but like, where do you wanna be next year? What do you wanna be in the next three years? Like, what are your goals? You know, what, what does success look like for you and your brand mm-hmm so that I can help craft that through the design mm-hmm um, and it’s also looking at copy.
Kelli (07:18):
Okay. So for my, so brand clients copy is already included within that package. So it’s looking at how can we tailor our goals and in this specific avatar that we’re speaking to, to really make sure that we are leading them through that journey of telling them what that next steps look like, not just painting the picture of, of what it looks like on the other side, cuz they know what that looks like. Mm-hmm but you want to be able to speak directly to them in the way that they’re like, are you like a fly on the wall? Or like, how do you know me so well, how do you know that I’m going through these things and meeting them where they are. And part of that is figuring out where are they at when they’re meeting you? Like when they’re interacting with your brand, where are they at within their lives and what do they need to hear and know to help build that authority and trust within you? Because there’s many people doing what you do, right. But like how can you sell what makes you unique within your brand to really help connect with that one person that you’re speaking to
Tiffany Barry (08:13):
Mm-hmm mm-hmm and, and, you know, I, I would imagine really nailing down those things helps you increase your conversions, connect with more of the people that you wanna work with. Like you have less, um, I don’t wanna say problem clients. Cause I think most problem clients, it’s just an unalign in expectation or something, but like clients that don’t fill you up. Right, right. Um, you have less of clients that don’t fill you up. You have more clients that make, you know, every single day that you log in, you know, something amazing is gonna happen and it’s a joyful business to run. Um, so, so what part of, of rebranding do you, would you say is kind of the most influential when it comes to getting that alignment and seeing those, seeing the numbers on the other side of it? Um, go up.
Kelli (09:05):
Ooh, that’s a good question. I would say the strategy, the strategy is like the foundation of it all mm-hmm . And without that, even, you know, let’s say we skip the strategy, we go straight to plan the photo shoot. Well, we have no idea on how we want those photos to really convey your brand messaging or your story without even getting to that foundation first mm-hmm . So the strategy is the biggest thing for me, because it really is, um, which is why I give like this 25 plus page roadmap after the strategy call, because that is what I use to mm-hmm build and design everything else after that.
Tiffany Barry (09:39):
Right. Right. I love that. I, I have a special place in my heart for strategy it’s where, it’s where I love to live. And we’ve talked about it too, like totally geeked out, cuz I, I, I feel very much the same. Like I think anything that, you know, there’s, there’s this idea pushed by years and years of guru teaching, you know that there’s a secret that, you know, some, you need to hire somebody who has the secret and they’re gonna teach you this, this secret that’s been kept in the dark and you don’t know it. And that’s why you’re not succeeding in business mm-hmm . And what I really find is that like any method will work as long as it’s aligned with you and your client, but it’s, it’s making that really clear. It’s making every step of that really intentional and, and connected, um, that, that, and sticking with it.
Tiffany Barry (10:29):
Like, and I feel like a lot of times, you know, when we put off branding and, and in your case, like with your clients rebranding to kind of level ourselves up, it’s one way that we almost like self sabotage ourselves. Like we convince ourselves that it’s not the tried and true strategy that we need to invest our time and our resources in it’s it’s this person promising us the world. And, and it’s just so not the case. So I love that you talk, uh, about strategy. Um, because I, I think it’s such a, a, I guess it’s the silent thing in the background that you don’t really think about, but it has so much power. Um, so, you know, and, and kind of going back to that expert authority, you know, I think you would definitely agree that like branding helps you convey that expertise. Like you kind of show up, like, I know what I’m doing, I’m leading you along. So what would you say are like the keys to using your branding to be that expert, to kind of show up and be in your face? Like, Hey, you should invest with me cuz I obviously know what I’m talking about.
Kelli (11:44):
Yeah. So one of the reasons why someone works with me, um, I’m thinking of my, one of my she’s my friend now and my client, Ashley, who’s amazing. She came to me and one of the problems that she had was she was like, I, I know my stuff. Like I’m, I’m good at what I do, but like how can I get on sales calls and make it a no brainer? How can I talk about what I do without feeling like I am not really standing out and what do I do uniquely? And so the F the strategy and the foundation of that is important because once we hone in on what makes you unique, once we hone in on your mission and your values and how you can stand out and, and looking at where the gaps are and how you can be able to work towards that, by the time you’re, we’re done with rebranding, you feel so much more confident and you can be able to speak to anyone and everyone about your unique value that you bring to the table that no one else does.
Kelli (12:37):
Mm-hmm . And so I remember after we launched, she had some sales calls that were, that were lined up and she boxed, you know, she boxed me and she was like, I feel so much more confident now that we have gone through this process. And it like, those types of messages is what, like lights me up because yeah. Yes, it’s nice to make things that look pretty, but there’s so much more that comes from rebranding. You get that confidence. You, you really now know how you can carry out this new brand that you are launching. And so it’s just those type of things. Um, when I hear those things that make me excited about what I do every day,
Tiffany Barry (13:14):
I love that I love, and that’s such a good point too. Like the, the sales calls, like I see so many people posting on Facebook groups and they’re like, what do I say on the call? And it’s like, to me, like talking to you, my first reaction now is you need to nail down your brand messaging. Yeah. Like in the past, I probably would’ve responded, you know, with some tips on running a sales call and they probably would’ve worked well. Um, but it, it doesn’t work as well as when you have that, will, you know, how to, you know, turn the key in, in someone’s head. Um, and you do that through that brand messaging, knowing who you are, what your values are, you know, and, and again, it goes again, back to that, that customer journey, taking them along this process. Um, so I, that’s amazing, um, I, I’m learning like tips on how I can even like, share things with people as we’re talking, which is always fun.
Tiffany Barry (14:10):
Um, so yeah, but I, I love that, that connection, it like that brand messaging, it connects to so many things. It’s your website, it’s your social media content. It’s your video content, it’s your sales calls. Like, it just has so many uses. So, so I know you do a brand challenge. So if anyone listening, you know, is interested in kind of, you know, has, has been listening to you and say, okay, this is something I need to do. What would that, what would a next step kind of be, um, you know, to pay, maybe get, get to know you or start working with you or, or really start working on their branding.
Kelli (14:49):
Yeah. So I am running a free, uh, magnetic brand challenge, which actually will be relaunching in June, and it’s really going to be around how to, um, use your branding more. So like how to take what you already have and kind of implement some new things so that your branding helps you to sell your offer effortlessly. Um, and so it’s a three day challenge to really help you using my framework that I use for my clients. Um, and giving you bits and pieces of that to really help you move the needle in those three days. So I would definitely sign up for that. And then if you’re like, I already know, like I am in the point of needing to re rebrand and I need someone to help me with that. I would love to help you. I have the soulful brand package, which is my holistic approach to really taking your brand to the next level and elevating it, um, through branding, web design and marketing.
Tiffany Barry (15:39):
Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom. Um, and for anyone listening, I will have notes, um, in the, uh, or I have links, um, to Kelli and, and how you can work with her or join in the next challenge in the show notes. Um, so you’ll be able to kind of jump straight into that. Um, yeah, but, uh, I really, really enjoyed our, our chat and I hope that if you are listening and this is ringing some bells that you kind of, you know, take a minute to look at branding and, and ask yourself if you have looked at it as more than just your logo and your color choices. Um, so thank you again, Kelli for joining me this week.
Kelli (16:23):
Thank you, Tiffany.
Tiffany Barry (16:25):
Thank it. We’ll see you all next episode.
Speaker 3 (16:29):
That’s it. For this episode of passion to profit, if you found it helpful, insightful, or just entertaining subscribe, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. And if you’re ready to scale your business from passion to six figure profits, don’t forget to watch the free masterclass@tiffanyebarry.com slash masterclass.