I’ve spent the past few weeks speaking to countless entrepreneur women, many who are moms like me, about what their business will look like this year. More than anything, the women I spoke to were seeking balance, more time with their families, less on their plate, and more flexibility and freedom.

These were all women who were leading agency teams, running multi-six figure businesses, coaching hundreds of women.

In short, they were highly ambitious and outwardly very successful women.

Yet they were all seeking the same thing without sacrificing their income: a break from the endless pursuance of ambition and a step back into less.

Less hustle.

Less overwhelm.

Less hours.

Less sacrifice.

All while still holding a call to abundance in their hearts.

These conversations got me thinking more about my relationship with hustle culture. I’ve written about my abhorrence of it, and I frequently complain about its prevalence on social media, especially for women.

But I’ll admit that I haven’t completely divorced myself from its influence on me.

So as I sat with the words of the women around me, I wondered what I really wanted. I wondered what I wanted to step into this year.

How would I honor myself as an entrepreneur? How would I honor myself as a mother?

I am honoring myself…

By becoming the woman I want to be.

By shifting my thoughts and actions instead of my to do list.

By no longer putting up with the excuses that I’ve allowed myself to use to resist change.

By creating from my heart.

By believing that I’m good enough without any external factors.

By being a woman of my word and doing what I say I’ll do when I say I’ll do it.

By finishing what I start.

By creating a business structure that works with my needs and those of my family.

By focusing on balance and happiness instead of blind ambition.

Now I ask the same question of you. How are you holding space for yourself this year? How are you honoring all the parts of you that make you and your life amazing?