How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed that Sells

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Social media marketing is a powerful tool to marketing your business and sell more. Businesses can and should use Instagram to create brand awareness and sell more products or services, but accomplishing this goal is trickier than it sounds.

Establish a Cohesive Brand Aesthetic

Your website should be a reflection of your total brand aesthetic from the fonts you use to the colors you’ve chosen to how much white space is on the page—if you’re struggling here, let’s talk! The next step is to translate that branding from your website to your Instagram feed. Do this by using images that offer the same feel. Professional photographers can be amazing for this, but stock photography and Lightroom presets are also great!

I’d recommend purchasing stock photography bundles if you’re going that route to allow you a way to more easily maintain consistency across your feed. My favorite stock photography site is Haute Stock because it is membership based instead of priced per bundle, but free alternatives you might also love include and

Plan Your Content Ahead of Time

Use a visual editor to plan your content out ahead of time! I love Later for this, and it’s what I personally use. Later allows you to see a working grid of all of your scheduled posts, and you can choose whether those scheduled posts will be published automatically or by sending a notification to your phone. By planning your Instagram content in advance, you can make sure all of your images work together cohesively and create a cohesive feed.

Don’t Sell on Instagram

I know that sounds counter intuitive, but Instagram is not the place to be focused on sales. Don’t get me wrong! Sales will come, but you have to take them out of the equation and focus on connection and engagement instead.

Instagram users flock to the app to see beautiful content from people and brands they love. So be personal and authentic! I recommend a 1:3 or 1:5 ratio of posts where you publish 1 post directly related to your business for every 5 posts about other things. Your business related posts might be announcing your new eBook, course launch, or product, while your unrelated posts might be questions for your followers, polls about their personal lives, or quotes to inspire them.

As a business owner, you’re already juggling more than enough, so if social media planning and engagement isn’t your thing, I can help. I know just how important social media can be to your business, and I specialize in creating beautiful visual content with punchy captions that get results. Let’s chat about how I can help you manage your social media!

11 thoughts on “How to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed that Sells

  1. A Nation of Moms says:

    I love instagram, but I have to say that I don’t always have a cohesive theme. It’s so nice when you look at someone’s IG and the pictures have a similar tone to them. It would be nice to try to tie everything together.

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      You’re so right! The style of an Instagram feed is a great way to showcase a business or blogger’s brand. I recommend finding a few photos on a free stock photo website like to use as inspiration. Then reference those inspirational photos alongside your branding colors/fonts to plan out your feed so that it is cohesive.

      This is also something I help businesses and bloggers do as part of my Social Media Management services! Feel free to set up a time to chat with me if you’d like to work together.

  2. moondreams says:

    I guess I’m the opposite. I’m not a fan of feeds where there’s a set “theme” or “color” because to me it looks “fake,” and not as authentic, especially if I see stock photos. I do think quality photos are important, but when everything starts looking the same, it’s just too much for me. I’m probably the oddball as I know that stuff sells and gets followers. I just stick to using the same filter on my photos so there is some cohesiveness.

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      Yes, that is definitely a great way to establish that cohesive feel. Stock photography can be a great way to do it on a budget, but Lightroom presets on your own photography are another option that I highly recommend.

  3. mamawritesreviews says:

    I don’t really like IG feeds with too much of a theme either. I like to see personality and creativity. I lose interest when I’m scrolling an IG feed where everything is the same color or exact style. To each their own… we definitely can’t please everyone. 🙂

    • Tiffany Barry says:

      You’re so right. It can be a big turn off for some. More, too perfect can seem inauthentic. The key is definitely to know your target audience and then use a strategy that works for them. Pristine feeds that are light, bright, and airy are more beneficial for some businesses while more raw feeds can be better for others. It’s all about finding what works for your target audience and then creating a cohesive brand around that. Cohesiveness doesn’t have to be too perfect or seem inauthentic.

  4. Leah Wade says:

    I totally agree about feeds not being ALL sales. I love to get a feel for the person behind the feed. So great captions and real story telling mean so much to mean as a consumer.

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