Dream clients—the magical unicorns that exist between time and space. They are as elusive as they are beautiful and ever so rare.

Or are they?

Actually, no.

As much as we sometimes feel like our dream clients are elusive and hard to find, that’s just not true. In fact, if you know where to look and what to say, you can find and attract your dream clients at the drop of a hat.

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How to Attract Your Dream Client

First, let’s redefine what it means to attract your dream clients.

When you hear the phrase, “attract your dream client,” I’ll bet you think of creating blog posts and social media posts and freebies, setting them loose unto the world, and then waiting for all the magical results to happen, right?

It’s an enticing concept and one that certain “gurus” have been peddling for years.

It’s the idea that you can create something amazing, hit that publish button, and all your dreams will come true.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of other people doing exactly the same thing, so unless you already have a giant audience, you’re going to hear crickets.

Instead of create content to magically attract people to you, I want you to focus on creating attractive content, and the difference is significant.

You see, instead of creating content designed to bring people to you, you’re going to start creating content that will establish you as an amazing expert resource.

Then you’re going to bring people to it.

Total game changer.

Who is your dream client anyway?

So who in the hell is your dream client anyway?

A dream client epitomizes the person you want to work with most. They might have a specific personality type of belief system. They might be single or have children, be solopreneurs or work with a team.

Whatever criteria gets your juices flowing…

That’s your ideal client!

One of the things my coaching students ask me most often is, “But how specific should my ideal clients be?”

Well, the ideal client section of the program is an entire lesson module in the included course and a few pages long in the workbook… so you can probably guess what my answer to that question is.

And here’s why.

I believe that you don’t have an endless number of hours in the day to try and talk to everyone under the sun.

You’re busy.

You’ve got a life, kids, maybe even a full-time job.

You’ve got shit to do.

You don’t have time to waste talking to people you aren’t going to want to work with or who you may not even be able to help.

Getting super focused on who you want to work with—who you feel moved to help—allows you to hyper-focus on the type of people you want in your audience.

This way you’re inviting the people to sales conversations who have a higher likelihood of being those amazing dream clients!

What is your superpower?

Recently, someone in a Facebook group I regularly network in asked a question I absolutely loved.

“What is your superpower?” she asked.

Instantly, I knew I wanted to file that away because it so clearly describes exactly what makes someone so unique.

Whether you’re a parenting coach or a business coach or a virtual assistant, there is something that sets you apart from everyone else.

That’s your superpower!

When you’re trying to be this amazing, attractive force to your ideal clients, that superpower is what can set you apart.

It’s the thing that pulls someone in immediately and has them saying, “This is the person for me!”

What is your message?

Finding and attracting your dream clients has a lot to do with your messaging, but what exactly is your message?

Essentially, your message is how you speak to your ideal clients and why what you say connects with them.

Your messaging should do a few things:

  • Grab your audience’s attention
  • Tell them what problem you solve
  • Show them the transformation they can expect from you or your product/service
  • Share your superpower with them

As you’re going out and networking or building relationships on social media, you always want to be thinking about your message.

It’s this message that is the cornerstone of all of your content, offers, and interactions with your ideal clients, and it’s eventually what’s going to convince them that you’re a perfect fit.