You’re growing a business online, so you know that social media is a powerful way to grow your business. In fact, one of the first questions I typically get about social media is, “How do I get more followers?”

While I understand the temptation for you to focus purely on the idea of more followers, I want to teach you how to get more qualified followers.

What do I mean by “qualified followers?”

I’m talking about teaching you how to get more followers who are the type of followers who are excited to be a part of your community, can’t wait to engage with you, and are dying to work with you.

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How to Get More Followers

So, let’s talk about how to actually go about doing this thing.

I teach my students the Soar Methodâ„¢, my proven system for marketing your business on social and keeping your client pipeline full. In this system, I focus on organic marketing strategies (the ones that don’t cost you money) and the power of relationships and human connection.

When you’re struggling to grow your following, whether that’s an Instagram account or Facebook Group, bringing people into your community who may later become clients is important.

Irrelevant followers who won’t ever engage don’t add any sort of value to your community at all. Often, they can be directly harmful to your engagement.

Build Relationships

The single most powerful way to algorithm-proof your business and get more clients is to focus on building relationships.

Relationships take more time to build, yes, but the payoff is so much greater.

When your followers know, like, and trust you, they’re more likely to buy when you’re ready to sell.

When your followers see you as a trusted expert, they’re more likely to book a discovery call when they find themselves in need of your services or offer.

Focusing on building relationships has another huge payoff: the referrals.

People trust referrals from friends and family. According to a study by Nielson in 2013, 92% of people trust referrals from people they know, and they’re 4 times more like to take the plunge and buy.

Referrals are a powerful way to grow your business, especially if you’re using social media where a large percentage of people go to research a person, company, or brand before committing to working with them.

Align Your Activities

Another way to get more followers is to align your marketing and engagement activities to the goals of the platform.

I often say, “Alignment makes you money,” because it’s so true for so many scenarios.

On social media, aligning your marketing activities to the goals of the platform means you’re not at the mercy of the algorithm. While we can make educated guesses, at the end of the day, the algorithm is a secret formula.

However, we know that the purpose of the algorithm is to make the users experience on that platform the best it can be.

And the platform itself decided what “best” is.

So, if you want to really boost your marketing power and, therefore, grow your following, think about what each platform ultimately wants.

Take a look at initiatives Facebook has announced to the world, like the big Groups push this year, or of YouTube’s statements regarding binge-worthy content.

Take Your Followers on a Journey

I never recommend marketing in a vacuum. So while I am always a huge advocate for social media marketing, you’re not going to see massive results if you’re doing it on its own.

Think of your online presence as a big revolving door. I actually use this same example in the Skyrocket to Profit Program. You always want to be moving your audience around to all of your stopping points.

This approach allows you to utilize the traffic on your website, your email list, and other online channels to grow your social following.

Include your social links on your website, have a strong call to action to join your Facebook group in your blog posts, and shout out your latest Instagram post to your email list.

Get people moving around and getting value from you in a variety of ways and see massive growth on social with less effort.

Learn More About How to Get More Followers

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