Have you ever bought a new car or a dress or a pair of shoes and suddenly started seeing them everywhere? Marketing is kind of like that. The more you put yourself out there, the more you see others doing the same thing as you or offering a similar service.

It feels like there is nothing but a sea of competition standing between you and a full client roster.

But here’s the key: it only feels that way.

Being successful as an online entrepreneur means proactively getting in front of your clients, grabbing their attention, and converting them from a lead to a paying client.

And it all starts with your mindset.

Table of Contents

Marketing Mindset

Instead of viewing those people as competitors, I want you to change the way you think about it. I want to challenge you to think of those oh-so-similar people as market validation. If there are a lot of people providing the service, there is a higher chance that it is an in-demand need.

Change your mindset from one of scarcity (there aren’t enough clients for all of us) to one of abundance (there are millions of people to connect with and enough business to go around).

Attention Grabbing Hook

Whether you’re running a training event, writing a Facebook post, or designing an Instagram graphic, when you get to the part where you’re in creation mode, you always want to be thinking about what is going to stop the scroll.

What is going to disrupt the status quo long enough to grab your potential client’s attention?

Here are a few things I find work really well as scroll stopping hooks:

  • New or interesting statistics. People love to know the numbers!
  • Scary updates like the iOS update for Facebook Ads.
  • A controversial statement.
  • An industry or trade secret.

Use these themes to create that attention grabbing hook!

Make a Promise

One of the best ways to engage someone’s interest once you’ve grabbed their attention is to make a promise that’s relevant and exciting.

Maybe this means you’re promising to share with them 3 behind-the-scenes secrets that they likely don’t know.

Maybe you’re getting vulnerable about a huge relatable mistake you made recently.

Whatever it is, think about how you can phrase that in a way that’s exciting for your audience to read and allows them to feel served and supported by you.

Key Into Their Desires

One of the first things I teach in the Skyrocket to Profit program is to get inside your ideal client’s head. Think about the things that would be life-changing for them. Think about what is the most frustrating things for them. Write these down if you need to!

When you’re creating content, key into their desire for positive change, their desire to avoid the negatives. Use that to help them become invested in you.

Invite Them to Take Action

Finally, you want to invite them to take action. Now, only 3% of your audience is ready to buy at any time. So when you’re inviting them to take action, you want to keep it spicy. Add variety!

In some posts, invite them to take that next step and work with you. Here you’ll be targeting that 3%.

In other posts, you’ll want to invite them to schedule a free strategy session with you or download a free guide. Here you’re targeting that other 97% who is interested in you but not quite ready to take the next step.

By using this framework to build your marketing content, you’ll not only be capturing the attention of those who are ready to work with you but also those who will become part of your network in the future.