Stepping into your expert leadership and creating a Signature Show is one of the best ways to become an authority and grow your business. In fact, it’s my favorite way!

Having a Signature Show allows you to stand out in a crowded online space, demonstrate your expertise, and stretch those thought leader chops.

It’s your way of telling the world that it needs to make room for you and that your voice carries weight.

But there’s so much more to creating a Signature Show than making the decision and turning on your mic.

In order to create a high-impact show that resonates with your audience and generates business results, you need to decide where you’ll host it, how you’ll make an impact, and how you’ll nurture and convert your audience.

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Where to Launch Your Signature Show

One of the first decisions to make is where to host your Signature Show. It’s easy to get caught up in platforms and choosing where to publish your content, but I encourage you to take it a step backwards first.

The first question to ask yourself is: do I want to create video or audio content?

For me, I’ve opted for a phased approach based on my current business goals, my lifestyle, and my family’s schedule. So for now, I focus on producing a podcast because it fits better with my life. As my children’s school and care changes, I’ll expand into YouTube next.

So think about that. What do you want to create? What does your life demand? What type of recording setup works best for you?

Once you’ve decided between audio and video, the next question to ask yourself is: where does my audience spend time?

Choose a platform that will allow you to create the type of content you love, in a way that works for you and your life, and in a place where your audience spends time. For example, if most of your following frequents Facebook Groups, it makes sense to focus on publishing content there. If your audience are avid listeners and even multitaskers, it would make more sense to publish content on a podcast instead.

The key is to choose a platform that allows you to deliver your content regularly, consistently, and enjoyably.

Make an Impact on Your Show

Creating a Signature Show isn’t just about throwing yourself into the world of online video and hitting publish; there’s much more happening behind the scenes.

Whether you’re showing up in an audio format like a podcast or on camera in your Facebook group or on YouTube, impact is the focus.

Impact comes in two forms:

  1. Your authentic story
  2. Your key positioning

Creating Your Story

Your story is unique even if you share your industry with hundreds of other entrepreneurs with similar professional experiences. How you got where you are, the trials and triumphs that shaped you, what motivates you to keep moving forward. These are all aspects of our journey that help us craft our brand story.

That unique combination of experiences gives all of us a different story to tell—telling it honestly and authentically is one sure way for you to make an impact with your show.

It allows you to be a vulnerable human.

It even invites your listeners to see themselves in you.

Key Positioning

How you position yourself, your business, and your offer in the market is another key element to generating a high impact show. You want to be clear on what you’re known for and make sure your content is congruent with that focus.

For example, if you help heart-centered women heal their money story so they can uplevel in their business, then your show topics and overall messaging should reflect that key positioning.

I like to think of your key positioning as the line you draw in the sand.

It’s the giant sign you hold up every time you speak that says, “Here I am, and THIS is what I stand for!”

For example, I talk a lot about how marketing is broken. I talk about toxic hustle culture, bro marketing, and how damaging it is to endlessly chase marketing trends in the name of “hacking” the algorithm.

That’s my line in the sand!

That marketing should be aligned and intentional and simple and feel good—crazy, I know? !

It sets me apart in the industry, and it’s something my clients have struggled with. This means not only do I have endless amounts of topics related to that overarching theme, but they are all relevant to my audience.

Create a Conversion Strategy

It’s important to go into the creation of your signature show with the end goal in mind. You’re building your authority—positioning yourself as an expert—for a reason.

To grow your business.

So, create a simple, highly effective funnel to take your audience from listener to paying client.

The bonus here is you can (and should) use that same strategy when you appear as a guest in others’ spaces. This works well whether it’s a podcast, a video interview, or a book that you’re appearing in!

Here’s an example of a basic funnel you can use (And don’t let the term “basic” fool you. Simple and aligned is just as effective as elaborate.):

Step 1: The Free Offer / Lead Magnet

This is something you give your audience in exchange for their email address. It could be a PDF, an audio recording, or even just a simple cheat sheet. The key is to make it a quick win for the person who downloads it.

Step 2: The Email Follow-up

This is where you follow-up by email to make sure they were able to get that freebie downloaded. Then you introduce yourself, provide bonus tips or even a highlight reel of your best free content (podcast episodes, tips, blogs, etc.), and invite them to take the next step with you.

Step 3: Ask for the Sale

This is where you are asking for the opportunity to sell to your audience. At this point, you should have introduced yourself and earned the right to pitch. Options at this point could be inviting them to a free workshop, to a sales call directly, or to fill out an application to work with you. See what makes sense for your workflow, and when in doubt, test it!

Ultimately, creating a conversion strategy for your Signature Show allows you plan the journey with the destination in mind, so that every step you take along the way is one that will move you forward.

What I’ve found is that creating a Signature Show is as an exciting as it is a rewarding experience. I’ve created amazing content that directly improves the lives and businesses of my listeners. And I’ve gotten to meet some truly amazing women along the way.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to build a powerful Signature Show really intentionally, that investment sets you up for both short-term and long-term marketing success.