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There is a way to algorithm-proof your business and generate endless leads, and it’s all in your marketing strategy.

Refining your messaging across all platforms, getting visible where your clients are, creating an “everywhere AF” marketing strategy that doesn’t burn you out…

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Marketing Strategy VIP Day

When you book a Marketing VIP Day with me, you’re getting my undivided attention and marketing expertise. You’ll…

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Marketing VIP Day

A high-level consulting and marketing plan development service that combines intentional strategic planning with actionable steps to implement it in your business.

Investment: $1997

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Marketing Strategy VIP Day

How does it work?

Pssttt… many on our team are natural night owls, so you may see delivery in the evening hours. Don’t panic! It’s just our team working when we’re at our individual best!

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Get an Inside Look at the 30+ page Marketing playbook delivered to you at the end of your vip day!

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Hi, I’m Tiffany

I’m the founder of Tiffany Barry Consulting, and I’ve been an entrepreneur, marketer, and agency owner for well over a decade.

I started offering Marketing VIP Days to coaches and service providers after being frustrated with the limitations of my traditional marketing agency.

I saw so many entrepreneurs with amazing teams ready to get big results… but they had no direction. There was no marketing strategy and a lot of missed goals.

I want to help you create a high-impact, ready-to-implement marketing strategy that gets real results!

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The Details

What You’ll Get on Your VIP Day

  • One on one marketing strategy call
  • Exclusive work done on your project by me and my expert team
  • Same day feedback via Slack (or email) on your VIP Day
  • Ongoing marketing support via Slack for 30 days (or upgrade to a VIP Experience for more comprehensive consulting and support)
  • Your Marketing Playbook—your full marketing strategy and ready-to-implement action plan!

All items are delivered on your VIP Day.

Your Investment is


Have a question?

We get it. Life happens. If you find you’re not available, please reach out to reschedule as soon as possible. You can do that by replying to your notification emails or emailing us at hello@tiffanyebarry.com.

Please note that due to the pre-work that goes into your project, once you confirm your booking and payment is secured, we do not offer cancellations or refunds.

No, your VIP Day is confirmed when you’ve booked a date on my calendar and completed payment. The application is just one piece of the process and helps make sure I’m the right person to help you.

Your VIP Day is an all-day event, but you’ll only need to be available for a 45 minute one on one strategy call and check-ins, feedback, and questions via Slack or email (your preference). My team and I will be dedicated to your business exclusively all day while you sit back and relax.

So much! In addition to our strategy call and answering any of your questions throughout the day, you’ll walk away with what we call your Marketing Playbook. This includes everything from brand messaging to sample bios, website copy, buyer personas, competitor research, marketing strategy and goals, an action plan, and so much more.

It’s everything your business needs to master your marketing and get massive results!

Due to the pre-work that goes into your project, once you confirm your booking and payment is secured, we do not offer cancellations or refunds. If you’re unable to attend your VIP Day in any way and do not wish to reschedule, we’ll complete your Marketing Playbook with as much information as we have available.

We strongly encourage you to complete the pre-work questionnaire and be as available as possible on your scheduled date to get the best results possible.